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Professional photographers now accredited

October 21, 2015

For those who read my last blog I stated "In Australia, there are no government regulations to limit who can set up and call themselves a professional photographer". I am pleased to say that this statement is now no longer entirely true!

Just recently, The Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP), of which I am a proud member, announced that: "On September 18th 2015 the ACCC (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission) formally recognized the status of an “Accredited Professional” through the award of a “Certification Trade Mark”.

Essentially this means if you choose an Accredited AIPP member you can be assured of that person's professional standards.  More information is available at the AIPP website

Always look for the accredited professional logo when choosing a photographer.  It can be black or white, square or circular and sometimes in conjunction with the ACMP logo (the square white version is shown here.