Kevin Chamberlain Photography | Winner NSW AIPP Commercial Photographer of the Year 2015

Winner NSW AIPP Commercial Photographer of the Year 2015

May 28, 2015  •  2 Comments

We won!  NSW-AIPP2015-Commercial-Photographer-of-the-YearNSW-AIPP-2015-Commercial-Photographer-of-the-YearKevin Chamberlain Wins 1 of only 3 times you will see Kevin in a suit - guess the other 2!

We realised we had a good portfolio of images to present this year in the NSW Professional Photography awards.  Nevertheless you are never quite certain until your images are judged.  We were able to watch the judging via livestream video (thank you AIPP) and this is a nerve wracking experience.  Seeing those images you have put your heart and soul into being presented in front of both a live and virtual audience, then listening to the judges' critical comments is almost too painful to bear.  Of course you are also observing and admiring the work of your fellow photographers (now your competition) and this is a humbling experience.  We were privileged to see some incredible work and were forced to compare it with our own efforts.  As heart stopping as this process is, it is still a fantastic learning experience and when one of your images gains an award it is wonderful.  Entering professional awards is perhaps the only true way you can measure your performance within the industry.

This year our images did not achieve the dizzying heights of Gold or Distinction but we did win a solid 4 Silver Awards in a challenging category, namely Commercial (which have to be from paid, commissioned shoots).  These 4 Silver awards, as a portfolio, were thankfully judged to have been the category winner.  Sue and I are very grateful for this award - our second now as we also won the Commercial category in 2012.  It is indeed an honour considering the experience and wealth of talent clearly demonstrated by our fellow photographers and we have to thank them for keeping us striving to be better each year.

Over the last 12 months we have been lucky enough to work with a number of multi-national companies who, by the nature of their projects, offered us some extraordinary photographic opportunities.  In particular we have worked with Schindler Australia, Global Switch and Zumtobel Lighting.  We would like to thank these clients for those opportunities and we look forward to working with them into the future.  The National awards are not due to be held until October this year so fingers crossed for a good result there.  We have been National Commercial Finalists for the last 2 years running so hopefully 3rd time lucky!

Have a look at our award winning images for NSW 2015 Awards at You can view all of the amazing category award winners, as well as the overall winner, at


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