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Framing Options - Acrylic Float Frames

September 05, 2015

Use A Reputable Professional Framer?

There are of course many framing options so I recommend you visit an experienced framer or consult with your photographer about the best choices. Some choices will be purely aesthetic - what you like the look of and what will best suit the particular print considering its subject matter, size, print media, intended uses, colours, texture etc. and then of course you need to consider the visual aspects of where the print will be displayed. Other choices will concern physical and practical matters such as size vs weight or perhaps whether the print is seen as a short term display or as a family heirloom expected to last for generations. Cost would of course be another huge factor.  However, it is logical to expect that cheap ready made frames are unlikely to be suitable for long term display of cherished valuable prints. The old adage "you tend to get what you pay for" is often true. So, for those important prints, it is wise to use a well regarded professional framing company. Another factor is that professional framers are going to provide great advice and back-up should anything go wrong.Therefore seeking good advice on your particulr circumstances is a wise decision.

Acrylic Float Frames - A Stylish Option

Given the huge variety of options, today I will limit my comments to just one which I think would be perfect for many business applications but also in the home. More recently I've become a fan of the Acrylic Float Mount. This can be put into a frame but it need not be. Indeed, as shown in the image below, a border can be incorporated into the print to give the illusion of a frame. However, in most instances the print remains "borderless" and due to a hidden frame structure behind the print, the borderless image seems to "float" off the wall. For a really sleek modern look, this is often an excellent choice. 

As stated this Acrylic Float Mount would be an excellent option for my Commercial Clients - Acrylic Wall Mount Display PrintsAcrylic Wall Mount Display PrintsA great display option for commercial & corporate clients architects, builders, property owners, etc. - who often show large wall prints of their best projects. For example; a few years ago, I helped a large consulting design and engineering company - Hyder Consulting - obtain acrylic prints for their offices around Australia and these beautifully display their projects. A sample photo is shown at left.

Another client was the committee of a Residential Strata Block. They commissioned me to shoot artistic architectural images of their building for display as a set of three in their foyer.

Foyer Display Photo PrintsFoyer Display PrintsMetallic Photo Prints mounted in 6mm Acrylic Float Frame

This client was absolutely delighted with the finished results and tells me they get many wonderful comments from owners and visitors. If you haven't seen this type of photographic display, it is very striking. This display was particularly suitable here as the foyer wall had been built with such a display in mind, with three rectangular wall niches for the images (see photo). Acrylic Float Mounts is definitely one framing solution well worth consideration!