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Pushing My Button

September 14, 2015

I recently quoted a young man who wanted some Actor's Headshots. I wasn't in the office, I was a bit distracted and mentioned some numbers which I quickly calculated in my head. Possibly I was a bit cheap because the response I received frustrated me... more than a little. I was told Photography Skills training and educationJust pushing a button? Really?A good pro is not only creative but also very well-educated and highly skilled. We have high business overheads - a large part of our fees. Pushing a button is the last thing we do! my price was good, compared to some others who were way too expensive. After all, (he said) I'll only be "pushing a button". Correct?

My button was pushed there and then!

I haven't yet been able to set up a studio shoot date. You can understand I haven't been keenly pursuing it... but now I think it would be nice to do it.

I imagine my young client entering the studio at which time I will be able to mention that I've been using this studio since I finished my four years of formal study completing my Photography Diploma and how the studio has been so useful through 10 years of commercial shooting. And I won't fail to mention how much the rent costs along with all the other costs of running a business - car, computers, assistants, insurance, advertising etc. Then I can show him all the expensive photo gear I have, which we will be using on his shoot.  5 or 6 studio lights, stands, light shapers, backgrounds, tripod, cameras, very expensive lenses, laptop, hi-res monitor, software etc.

Maybe at this point he'll start to get the vibe I'm sending.

The next thing I imagine I'll do is stand him in front of the background and just ask him some start-up questions. OK then, I'll say. Can you get the background down that you want then choose and start positioning the lights? You know how it all works I'm sure. No doubt you've already planned what lighting ratios and moods you want to create and therefore which lights, settings  and light shapers you'll need. Have you figured out focus points and depth of field issues?

Maybe now he is starting to think I'm a bit crazy. But wait....

At this point I might help by setting up my tripod and ask him to go and grab my camera, set apertures, shutter speeds, white balance, ISO, resolution etc., then choose the lens he thinks is best, grab the radio trigger and the light meter and get the lights "tuned".

Now the fun can start....

Right oh, I'll say, I'm ready to push the button. I guess you've figured out the "styles" and "poses" you want and you've no doubt selected suitable clothing, hairstyle etc. Head on over - dress and pose yourself as you want. I'll wait whenever you decide to change styles and lighting moods etc.

Just say "ready" whenever you want me to push the button.

I'm not sure I'll get a chance to have him fire up the laptop then do the raw file edit and post production work in Photoshop...... But I can always hope. Just more buttons to push aren't they?