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Vivid Light Photography - Take Two

June 17, 2016

After our aborted attempt to be part of the Vivid Light Festival at Sydney Harbour last Saturday, we bravely boarded the train during the week and steeled ourselves for a second sortie.  Armed with our trusty Nikon cameras, a variety of lenses and the mighty tripod, we strode down George Street to Circular Quay on a perfect Sydney winter's evening and were delighted to find the torrential flood of humanity on Saturday had dwindled to a mere trickle! What a relief!

Event photography of the Vivid Light Festival - Tunnel of Light at Royal Botanic GardensVivid Tunnel of LightVivid at Royal Botanic Gardens and Circular Quay Our first stop was the Royal Botanic Gardens, celebrating its 200th Birthday in a blaze of glory.  The tunnel of light and the will-o'-the-wisps under the ancient tree were a spectacular start to our evening.  From there we wandered past the Opera House and along the Quay to the MCA and Overseas Passenger Terminal.  There were so many highlights but the Opera House remains a front runner for us.  We captured some different angles this year and achieved some pleasing results - see if you agree.

The Vivid Festival finishes 18th June 2016 so time is running out but if you have a chance to be a part of it, we highly recommend you make the effort.  If you have an interest in photography, Vivid is certainly very inspirational and a great chance to practise night capture techniques.  Give it a go!  Otherwise, you will have to content yourselves with some sparkling photographic images of a very special event.  Have a look at our "city lights" in our gallery at: