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Our Vivid Photography Experience

June 13, 2016

This year we decided to split our Vivid adventure into 3 events – Taronga Zoo, Royal Botanic Gardens and Chatswood.  Great in theory and it seemed to be working when we visited the zoo on the Thursday before the June long weekend. Sydney event photography of animal illuminations at Taronga Zoo during the Vivid Light Festival taken by event photographer Kevin ChamberlainVivid Multimedia Displays at Taronga ZooEvent Photography of Vivid at Taronga Zoo - see link below to view photo gallery

We arrived right on 5.30pm and were lucky enough to have a pass that allowed a circuit on the sky safari.  To view the zoo displays and see the Sydney Harbour lights from that height was fantastic and although it was crowded at the entrance, once we were inside the grounds it was magical.  There were 10 exhibits, each one representing critical species from Australia and Sumatra that Taronga is committed to protecting.  Zoo staff were on hand to talk about each illumination and explain why they need to be protected.  It was relaxed and educational - a great family venue with some food outlets open so highly recommended if you haven’t yet visited.

The “theory” failed miserably on the Saturday of the long weekend when we travelled into the city.  I have NEVER seen so many people at the Quay and around the foreshores!  After arriving at Martin Place Station we took a couple of photos there.  We also managed to get some shots of Customs House as the “show” looped so you simply had to wait for the end of a loop then forge to the front of the crowd.  However, it was a vain attempt to get to the Botanic Gardens.  We were stuck in a sea of humanity being herded like sheep.  At one point we were at a standstill then started going backwards so Sue wielded my trusty tripod with its Really Right Stuff head like a sword and cleared a path to Phillip Street.  We then tried to back track to Macquarie Street and get down that way but ultimately admitted temporary defeat and retreated. Event photographer phtographs the Vivid light display called Sydney's Hidden Stories at Customs House on the harbour foreshores during the Vivid Light FestivalVivid Festival Photography at Customs HouseEvent photography of the multimedia display at Customs House, Circular Quay during the Vivid Festival 2016

Intrepid photographers that we are, we’ve decided to abort Chatswood and try for the Gardens one more time during this week.  Stay tuned for the next exciting episode in our Vivid adventure but in the meantime, have a look at some of the magnificent sights we have seen during this world class festival of light by clicking on the link below: