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Uluru Helicopter Photography

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Like most professionals these days, it is a requirement of our AIPP accreditation that we maintain a CPD program (Continued Professional Development). Accredited Master photographer I may be but I don't think I am even close to knowing everything about photography. My "daily grind" is perhaps shooting inspiring architecture or innovative products, perhaps something industrial or corporate but I don't normally do star shoots or landscape in Central Australia so for our CPD this year we elected to combine a “bucket list” destination with a masterclass photography tour based in Uluru, taking in Kata Tjuta. We tacked on further days traveling by ourselves to Kings Canyon and doing the Cave Hill tour described by Sue in our previous Blog.

Aerial Landscape Photography of Uluru Kata Tjuta National ParkUluru sunrise from a rather different perspective. Boy was it cold!Kevin's position leaning out of the open doors of the helicopter


One of the highlights of our photography masterclass was an aerial shoot at dawn at Uluru from a helicopter.

Yes, these are my legs dangling out of the open door with feet resting on the landing skids!  I loved being able to lean out with no doors and have the whole incredible landscape stretched out below my feet and away to the horizon.


Sue was right alongside and Dawn Helicopter Flight over UluruDawn Helicopter Flight over UluruSue and our fearless leader Ewen Bell prepare for takeoff to do aerial photography of Uluru at sunrise both of us were dressed for the incredible chill (and thrill) of pre-dawn air rushing past at up to 250km/h.



PHS Helicopter over Uluru at SunrisePHS Helicopter over Uluru at SunriseFlight in formation. A very fast camera shutter speed is used to counter the helicopter vibrations and wind interference which is fast enough to freeze the rotor blade movement.




There were 2 helicopters to cater for the whole group (nine in total) & we traveled at times in formation which added to the fun and created extra photo opportunities!

The aim was to capture the golden early rising sun as it skimmed across the red landscape, lighting the ridges and dunes leading to the glowing rock.  With our eagle’s eye view it seemed the ridges were like veins leading to the heart of the land or surface roots leading straight to the trunk of the greatest tree planted right in the middle of Australia. An awe inspiring sight.

Aerial Sunrise Photography of UluruUluru in all its glory - dawn lightAerial photography of Uluru at sunrise detailing the vein like landscape that surrounds the rock

While the dawn flight was part of the course, we were very, very lucky to be treated to a 2nd sortie on our last day, this time at sunset.  The air was much warmer this time and the ever changing light on this “land of sweeping plains” is something we will never forget.  Heartfelt thanks to Ewen Bell and Ian Rolfe who conspired to make both flights happen and gave us so many beautiful memories.

Intrepid Photographers after Sunrise Helicopter Flight over UluruIntrepid Photographers after Sunrise Helicopter Flight over UluruSue and Kevin with helicopter after aerial photography of Uluru and surrounds at sunrise



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