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OMG! A Photography Blog with only TWO Photos!

July 21, 2018  •  1 Comment

Recently Kevin and I finished a photography masterclass in Uluru (more about that in another blog).  It was a feast of sunrises, sunsets, star trails, land and aerial landscapes but we also wanted to get a “feel” for this “sunburnt country” so we extended our stay for a few days.  On our last day we did an outback tour with SEIT Outback Tours to Cave Hill with one other couple who turned out to also be in the photography profession – one of those synchronicities that added to our journey.  We were very privileged to be welcomed to Cave Hill by not only Amata owner Stanley Douglas but also his daughter, Margaret and some of the children and grandchildren.  We learned about bush tucker, bush medicine and heard firsthand the stories of the Seven Sisters.  We climbed to the top of Cave Hill and experienced the 360 degree panorama – a stark country of blues and reds.  We shared morning tea, lunch and freshly dug maku (witchetty grubs) with the family. 

Documentary photography of indigenous Australian Margaret giving Bush Tucker LessonsBush Tucker Lessons from MargaretIndigenous Australian, Margaret, teaches bush tucker and bush medicine in the heart of Australia at Cave Hill Landscape photography of the view from the top of Cave Hill, site of the Seven Sisters DreamingAustralian Desert LandscapeLandscape photography showing part of the 360 degree view from the top of Cave Hill

Such a special day and it was not until we were back in the 4WD heading back to Uluru that I realised we had taken very few photos!  Would I remember the day?  Would I be able to share my thoughts and feelings without precious images?  My first response was damn I should have lifted the camera in my hand and gone mad!  Then it struck me that I absorbed so much of people and place by NOT seeing it through a viewfinder.  I hope I will never forget Stanley’s direct gaze, Margaret’s face as she talked about her wanampi dreaming or the little 7 month old gobbling maku in delight but after a lot of internal debate I decided no regrets.  This is not an original thought, I do not intend to preach or judge but I simply want to remind myself with this blog that sometimes you need to “see” with all your senses.  Without doubt we will return to Cave Hill and hopefully have the chance to document our experiences but for that one day it was brilliant to go with the flow and without cameras, phones or other devices.  Now, if Kevin doesn’t burn me at the stake for heresy, I’ll share this for whatever its worth.  Actually, to appease Kevin, I've now got some of our photography odyssey up on our website - have a look at Red Center Photography


Sallie Colechin(non-registered)
Wonderful to read your thoughts Sue. I know what you mean-seeing with all senses, & not through a lens. Sounds like some very special moments & learning.
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