Personal portrait of photographer Chris Chamberlain on his journey of recovery and self discoverySelf PortraitPersonal portrait of photographer Chris Chamberlain on his journey of recovery and self discovery "Silver Lining" Photography - A very special portfolio


This part of our website is dedicated to our nephew Christopher Chamberlain and his powerful art photography.  As a child, Chris was a complex mix of brashness and sensitivity, simultaneously exasperating and loveable.  Unfortunately we missed many of his childhood years as the family lived in England but on their return we re-established our connection with surprising ease and watched him grow and develop into a beautiful, complex man.  From our “lofty” viewpoint, he seemed to be searching to find his place in the world so we were thrilled when he discovered a love for baking (his sourdough is a little slice of heaven) and unlocked some of his creativity.  In addition, his beautiful sensitive nature came to the fore through his deep and abiding love for his three children.

Just as he seemed to be navigating his own path, he was diagnosed with a brain tumour.  I have no words to describe the impact that had on Chris and the family so I won’t even try, other than to say it felt like the earth stopped breathing when we heard the news.  He underwent surgery and survived but he has still not regained many of his long term memories – the grief this must cause we can only imagine and again there are no words to express the emotions.

He may or may not find new pathways to his buried memories but rather than give up on life, he is using his life defining tumour to go beyond memory.  Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Chris is discovering a way to connect to his “true” self through his art – a journey many are not brave enough to make.  You will find his photography highly personal yet the emotions he displays and the concepts he addresses are universal and challenge each of us to explore our inner selves.  Chris is learning to not run from the dark thoughts – despair, fear, depression – but rather to sit with them, allow them their space then explore what light there may be for him in life.  This is why we have called it his "silver lining".  It may not be his intention but Chris’s images invite us to think about the universe and our place in it.

Please enjoy looking through his gallery with an open heart.  We would love to hear your reactions so please feel free to send us an email.  In time, we hope to be able to share Chris’s words with you regarding his motivation and inspiration but at present he finds it a little difficult to express himself via the written word.  Chris will be developing his own website and making his art available for sale in the near future but for now it is a big step for him to “put himself out there” so please return here from time to time and join him on his journey of recovery and discovery.

Please note copyright of the images contained in the gallery below belongs to Christopher M Chamberlain. Our website is simply supporting Chris in this initial phase of his journey