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Sydney Commercial Photographer Kevin Chamberlain specializes in Architecture Photography, Corporate Portrait Photography, Industrial Photography, PR Event Photography, Convention Photography, Product Photography and Annual Report Photography
0-Architecture-Photography-Victoria-Cancer-CentreCorporate portraits headshots photographer in Sydney photographs company managing directorSydney commercial photographer photographs the new McDonalds retail food outlet in Canberra for LanskeySydney commercial photographer photographs electronic equipment then the image is deep etched in Photoshop and a reflection addedSydney architectural photographer photographs the industrial site of the Devondale Factory in SydneySydney industrial photographer photographs the construction of the ICC in Sydney's Darling Harbour for BKHAnnual report photographer photographs products and people for company reportsSydney commercial photographer photographs the Wynyard Walkway in Sydney for BKH ConstructionsConvention photographer photographs large convention dinner held on the banks of the river in Brisbane