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Industrial photography of the Devondale and Murray Goulburn Plant in Erskine Park SydneyIndustrial Photography of the Devondale Processing Plant Manufacturing sector industrial photography of the processing plant for Devondale and Murray Goulburn "Photography is not about cameras, gadgets and gizmos.  Photography is about photographers.  A camera didn't make a great picture any more than a typewriter wrote a great novel." - Peter Adams

As a leading Sydney Industrial Photographer, I have years of experience working on construction sites, manufacturing plants and other industrial locations.  I always love being on location photographing building works, roadworks, bridges, large excavators, drilling equipment and in factories and large commercial works.  Achieving great industrial photographt has often seen me working in some interesting places like inside elevator shafts, up in scissor lifts, even inside ventilation shafts in the Sydney Harbour Tunnel.  I am always looking to find the "interesting" in what others might see as "ordinary" and create images that make your industrial projects stand out from the crowd.

However, being an experienced industrial photographer, I also understand that time is of the essence for site managers, engineers and the like.  I always focus on intensive research and planning before the shoot so that after site induction, I can work discretely and independently on location.  Because of the nature of industrial photography and the emphasis on safety, I have the appropriate White Card and full PPE gear.

I work in all forms of Industrial Photography and Construction Photography with experience from small sites through to large scale projects such as the Sydney Harbour Tunnel, Westfield City Centre Sydney and the Darling Harbour construction works.  Clients include Hyder Consulting, BKH Contractors, Macnaught Pty Ltd and George Rydell Constructions Pty Ltd.  Although I am based in Sydney, I handle industrial photography assignments all over NSW and other Australian states.  In addition, Kevin Chamberlain Photography is still an independent business, striving to provide our best industrial photography in the most personal and professional way possible.  We are sincerely focused on creating quality work for you and honestly care about the work we do.

Whether you are in engineering, construction, manufacturing or any other related industry sector, you can trust in my abilities and experience as a Sydney industrial photographer to deliver amazing images.  All our work is guaranteed.

Sydney Industrial photography of machines, industrial products, manufacturing plants and industrial workersIndustrial Photography ImagesIndustrial photography of machinery, industrial products, industrial sites and employees in the industrial sector